Meet our Team

Principal Investigators

Tiffany A. Koszalka
Tiffany A. Koszalka is a professor of instructional design, development, and evaluation. Her current research focuses on the intersections of instruction, learning, and technology in contexts of classroom, online, hybrid, and self-directed learning. In particular she is interested in the design, use, and assessment of learning from learn resources. She also has research interest in competency development of instructional designers, instructors, and online learners. Thus RIDLR projects a ‘play-ground’ to both investigate learning resources and support competencies development in graduate students. Dr. Koszalka has worked extensively with NASA, NSF, NIH, DOE, and various foundations on multiple types of projects that focus on the design and evaluation of instruction and assessment for learning. She has considerable experience with other instructional contexts and settings, including the development of multimedia training for large business organizations, faculty development in higher education and K-12 institutions, and informal learning environments for kids.
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Jing Lei
Jing Lei's research interests include educational technology integration, meaningful technology use in schools, social-cultural and psychological impact of technology, teacher technology professional development, and international and comparative education. Her most recent research concerns how the use of technology both influences and is influenced by teachers, students, and school systems. Her research papers appear in such journals as Education Review, Teachers College Record, and Computer and Education. She teaches courses in instructional design, development and evaluation. She holds a masters degree in higher education and comparative education from Peking University and the Ph.D. in learning, technology and culture from Michigan State University. She served as a Chinese language instructor at Tsinghua University and has taught at Luoyang Teachers College, Weishi Junior Teachers College, and Henan University Affiliated elementary School.
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Nick Smith
Nick Smith is a professor of instructional design, development, and evaluation. His research focuses on the theory and methods of evaluation of educational and social programs, specifically on investigative methods in applied fields of inquiry. Smith has served on numerous editorial boards, including as past editor-in-chief of New Directions for Program Evaluation. He has also edited such volumes as Metaphors for Evaluation: Sources of New Methods; New Techniques for Evaluation; Communication Strategies in Evaluation; and Varieties of Investigative Evaluation. In 2004, he served as president of the American Evaluation Association.
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Qiu Wang
Qiu Wang, the assistant professor for Measurement and Research Methodology in the Department of Higher Education, is a quantitative research specialist. His research interests include: educational assessment and psychometrics methods including EFA/CFA, DIF analysis, and Reliability; statistical modeling on categorical data, such as empirical Bayesian analysis, structural equation modeling, classification analysis, and measurement error modeling; intervention effect estimation in program evaluation through longitudinal design and synthetic cohort design in math/science education; and adolescent development and change in school settings with focuses on minorities in poverty, high school dropouts, and racial and gender difference in college major selection.
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Research and Design Team

Student Leaders
Abdulrahman Alogaily
Doctoral student

Abdulrahman Alogaily is a faculty member in the Instructional Technology department at King Saud University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has taught for about ten years in higher education, including four years as an interactive training developer. Abdulrahman is currently a doctoral student in Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation program at Syracuse University, and his research interests focus on representation and visualization of complex domains and information about philosophical assumptions, paradigms, and praxis. Abdulrahman has a background in pedagogy, art and IT and he combines them to ensure optimal cognitive load of multimedia learning. He is also an active member of several research organizations.

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Mary Wilhelm-Chapin
Doctoral student
Mary Wilhelm-Chapin is a doctoral student in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation at Syracuse University. She is interested in the development of learning resources that promote critical thinking skills, particularly in online environments. Mary started her career in teaching and learning as a public school teacher. In recent years, Mary has worked with the Leadership Institute of Utica College as project manager working with health care organizations, community groups, and higher education institutions. As an adjunct instructor in an online health care administration program, Mary has designed, developed, and taught courses in multiple platforms. As a member of the RIDLR team, she is focusing on conceptualizing generative learning theory and incorporating generative strategies in learning resources. She holds two masters of science degrees from Purdue University in elementary education, and supervision and administration, as well as a MS in Instructional Design from Syracuse University.
Current Team Members
Jiaming Cheng
Doctoral student
Jiaming Cheng is a third-year doctoral at Syracuse University in Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation. Her primary interest is collaborative learning in digital learning environment, especially with games in formal learning environment. She is also interested in visualization and learner-centered instruction design.
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Lina Souid
Doctoral student
Lina Souid is a third-year doctoral student at Syracuse University in Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation. Currently, Lina is Assistant Director of Programs at University of Denver in the Transportation Institute (DTI). There she designs and implements an Executive Master’s program, customized corporate courses, and other professional development opportunities. She was awarded a Syracuse University Graduate Fellowship to support her doctoral studies. She has a MS in Instructional Technology from Syracuse University and a MA in Teaching: Secondary Mathematics from Western Governors University.
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Tianxiao Yang
Doctoral student
Tianxiao is a first-year doctoral student in the IDD&E program at Syracuse University. He has two Master degrees at Syracuse University. One degree is Cultural Foundation of Education, Master of Science, and the other is Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation, Master of Science. He has taken courses in instructional design, evaluation theory, front-end analysis, etc. His current research interest is online learning in instructional design field.
Susan Bock
Webmaster/Masters Student
Susan is a masters student in the IDD&E program at Syracuse University. She has a background in digital technology management and communications. Susan is the webmaster for the RIDLR website.

Advisory Board Members

Marilyn P. Arnone
Barbara L. Grabowski
Deniz Eseryel
Jerry W. Klein
Heng (Patrick) Luo
Heng Luo (Patrick) is an assistant professor at School of Educational Information Technology in Central China Normal University. He received his Ph.D. in Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation from Syracuse University and worked as a research associate at the Pennsylvania State University before accepting his current position in China. His current research focuses on case-based instruction, self-directed online learning and peer assessment model. He has been an active member in academic organizations such as AECT, AERA and Online Learning Consortium with journal articles and conference papers published in their journals and conference proceedings. As the Principle Investigator, he has led and is leading several research projects in both China and the U.S. with a combined grant funding over $50k. His research efforts have been recognized with awards such as All-University Doctoral Prize given by Syracuse University and Divisional Outstanding Research Paper Award given by AECT.

Previous Members
Cameron Blake
Cameron is a current masters candidate at Syracuse University. He has a background in language learning through digital mediums, as well as online course production. He wants to change the way we use technology to enhance the learning process. He helped design and developed website.
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