IDD&E Takes Pride in its Diverse Student Body

In the academic year 2019–2020, a total of 67 students are enrolled to study instructional design at the master’s, doctoral, and certificate of advanced study levels. This adds to the supportive and collegial environment in IDD&E.

David Patent: No Ordinary Tuesday

Find out what a day in the life of David Patent looks like being both a teacher and a student at the same time in the time of the novel coronavirus. Does it sound familiar to your experience?

IDD&E Students in the Time of the Coronavirus

The transition to online instruction in March 2020 following the novel coronavirus outbreak was hardly easy for anyone. We asked some IDD&E students to share their perspectives on how they found silver lining amid COVID-19 for their learning and what good they learned to appreciate in the given circumstances.

SPOTLIGHT: Yanping Lin

Yanping Lin, IDD&E master's student from China, has shared the lessons she learned during her journey through the IDD&E program and the takeaways for her future career.


Check out what Dr. Rob S. Pusch thinks about the recent experience of everyone transitioning to online classes. Dr. Pusch has been teaching online courses for 15 years and involved in the design and development of distance learning for nearly 30 years.

SPOTLIGHT: Rebecca Pettit

Find out how Rebecca Pettit, IDD&E Office Coordinator, was able to turn the department into a little supportive oasis for both students and faculty.