Giving Back to the IDD&E Professional Development Fund

Giving Back to the IDD&E Professional Development Fund

IDD&E faculty and students are most grateful to our alumni and faculty who through their generosity provide additional funding that helps us encourage and support our students. Gifts have been used to sponsor students in conference travel, R&D activities and dissertation work, like those showcased in our newsletters. THANK YOU to our alumni, faculty, and friends who have contributed to our development funds. We hope that sharing stories in our newsletter and on our website demonstrates how much YOUR support has enriched so many. We humbly ask that you continue to remember IDD&E in your future giving.

Please visit The Syracuse University Giving webpage at, or call 877-2GROWSU (877-247-6978) or mail gift with  form from SU Giving website. Please also remember to write or say that you wish your gift to be used in the IDD&E Professional Development Fund or Department. You can also call us at 315-443-3703.

Thank you so much for your ongoing generosity. Your gift makes a difference!

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