Orientation Materials

Becoming ID Specialists

This 2022 New Student Orientation presentation was made for the incoming IDD&E class.

The goals of the orientation sessions were:

  • Provide a foundational overview of the instructional designer profession.
  • Respond to the questions:
    • What is instructional design and what do instructional designers do?
    • How do instructional designers practice their scienceart, and craft?
  • Describe the connections among learning and instruction.
  • Prompt incoming MS/CAS students to complete the required program of study.

[Note: A session for doctoral students was held after the MS/CAS Orientation to welcome the new students and encourage current doctoral students to share their progress and work focus.]

Virtual Tour of Blackboard

Take a tour of the standard course format in Blackboard, briefly visiting each menu item and discussing how the syllabus, Checklist of Course tasks, communication media, and other resources are helpful to your learning. Note that both the campus-based and online programs have the same layout. The difference is in how some of the activities are conducted; however, the content is the same, and activities and level of interaction are equivalent.

Completing CAS/MS Program of Study Tutorial

Be sure to download the DIGITAL version of the form before you begin!

CLICK below to access Master’s or CAS students Program of Study forms.