January 2022: Message from the IDD&E Faculty

This joint message of the IDD&E Faculty opens the Fall 2021 IDD&E Spotlight newsletter. Following the message, you will find a brief Table of Contents to the news that the newsletter included.

Dear Friends—

Greetings from Syracuse!

The IDD&E faculty, staff, and students again successfully worked through a challenging summer and Fall 2021 semester, facing issues associated with COVID-19 and a quickly growing student base. All courses were run successfully as in previous years, and the Spring 2022 courses are about ready to begin.

This Fall 2021 we started a process of searching for a new faculty member who will be housed in IDD&E and play a significant role in the new Syracuse University Cluster in Virtual and Immersive Interaction (V.I.I.). Dr. Jing Lei took a well-deserved research leave and will provide insights in the next issue of the IDD&E Spotlight. Dr. Moon-Heum Cho served as the interim chair in Fall 2021. Dr. Tiffany A. Koszalka continued to manage the Middles States data collection and analysis and served on several committees to cover Dr. Lei while she was on leave.

Thanks to all who worked in front of, and behind, the scenes of a quickly growing and very productive IDD&E Department. Special thanks to Rebecca Pettit who manages all of the Department logistics and cares for our students and faculty in wonderful ways. And special thanks to all of our partners in teaching, research, service and our graduates and alumni who continue to support and help IDD&E move forward.

We wish you all a safe and productive year as we move into 2022! Be safe!

IDD&E Faculty

The Fall 2021 IDD&E Spotlight newsletter includes stories that you can read in the following 10 links:
IDDE Faculty Fall 2021: Moon-Heum Cho, Jing Lei, Tiffany A. Koszalka
IDDE Faculty Fall 2021 (left-to-right): Moon-Heum Cho, Jing Lei, Tiffany A. Koszalka
The front page of the IDD&E Spotlight Fall 2021 newsletter published on January 18, 2022
The front page of the IDD&E Spotlight Fall 2021 newsletter published on January 18, 2022

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