IDD&E Students in the Time of the Coronavirus

The transition to online instruction in March 2020 following the novel coronavirus outbreak was hardly easy for anyone. We asked some IDD&E students to share their perspectives on how they found silver lining amid COVID-19 for their learning and what good they learned to appreciate in the given circumstances.

SPOTLIGHT: Yanping Lin

Yanping Lin, IDD&E master's student from China, has shared the lessons she learned during her journey through the IDD&E program and the takeaways for her future career.


Check out what Dr. Rob S. Pusch thinks about the recent experience of everyone transitioning to online classes. Dr. Pusch has been teaching online courses for 15 years and involved in the design and development of distance learning for nearly 30 years.

SPOTLIGHT: Rebecca Pettit

Find out how Rebecca Pettit, IDD&E Office Coordinator, was able to turn the department into a little supportive oasis for both students and faculty.

SPOTLIGHT: Gerald Edmonds

Book edited by IDD&E alumni receives positive review In summer 2017, the book Bridging the High School–College Gap (2016) received a positive review in the educational journal The Teachers College Record (TCR). The book was edited by adjunct faculty member Dr. Gerald Edmonds, Ph.D., and IDD&E alumna Tiffany Squires,...

SPOTLIGHT: Jason Ravitz

Internet and Education In this October 2017 IDDE Spotlight we connected with Jason Ravitz about his unique trajectory into the IDDE world and the Internet and education. Dr. Jason Ravitz’s (MS 1995, PhD 1999) IDD&E journey started with a conversation that took place in the air and he hasn’t...

SPOTLIGHT: Jason Emerich

In our first Athlete Spotlight we spoke with Jason Emerich about his path to the IDD&E program at Syracuse University and his advice to those considering the program. Chasing Dreams In 2016 Jason Emerich graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in Sports Management and a minor in Physical...

SPOTLIGHT: Berlin Fang

Berlin Fang (M.S., 2005), Director of Instructional Design at Abilene Christian University, received more than his Masters degree from IDD&E.  He took with him the sage advice and voices of several faculty members.  Berlin shares these words of wisdom in his columns found at  . Recognize These: “If technology...